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embodied jewellery & accessories

handmade in perth, wa

For those who value the power of intention. Made to tell stories, elevate, empower…



Ever since I can remember, I have always been drawn to the depth, meaning and intention behind every aspect of life rather than their monetary value or societal standing. I have never been someone who enjoys collecting things. In fact, the fewer I have, the freer I feel. However, there is a common thread that runs between the few items I do possess and particularly cherish.

Whether it’s a piece of jewellery, a journal, a blanket, a backpack, or a cozy jumper; they all came with intention and purpose. Their meaning only deepens as they age. Their value resides in my heart rather than in my pocket, and no price tag could ever match their worth.

Each piece embodies a collection of memories and connections that are dear to my heart. They encompass many stories, moments, and feelings. They remind me  of the places I have visited, the interesting people I have met, and if so fortunate, the very special human who might have given it to me as a symbolic gesture…

I genuinely believe in the powerful ripple effect of intentional thoughts, actions, words, gifts, or interactions that stem from the heart. 

Thoughtful. Meaningful. Profound. 

Intention carries energies that reach far beyond its visible or invisible shape. It holds the power to shift moments, emotions, days, and even lives…

By creating these pieces for you, I hope that each one of them becomes a little storyteller, the embodiment of warm loving intentions, a symbol of deep connections, a reminder of countless stories and meaningful memories…




Heel circumference

How to measure your heel circumference:

1- Stretch your foot forward

2- Measure the circumference from the heel over and around the top of the foot with a soft measuring tape.