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Le word “travel”

The word “travel” has a huge signification for me and it’s much more than just an adventure within the physical world.

It is also to live with a big “L”, to see, to observe, to admire, to feel, to discover.

It’s starting every day like when you open a surprise bag.

It is to accept to leave your comfort zone to make it even bigger and more flexible.

It is destabilizing yourself to find a better balance.

It is sometimes having to put aside comfort to make room for the essentials.

It is to question oneself, to confront oneself, to remember what we really need.

It is to live a combination of emotions that come and go and sometimes want to push them away, but to remember that the most beautiful always come back in force.

It is to give up the barriers, to accept that everything is not perfect because it is part of life anyway.

It’s about dealing with the unknown, the unexpected and choosing to laugh at it, remembering that it’s part of the adventure.

It is to live here and now and to forget time.

It’s to give up on trying to plan and manage everything. 

It’s to let be, to let go, and to let flow.

It is to live differently but simply.

It’s broadening your horizons and learning more every day.

It is to get to know yourself in depth, to coexist with loneliness sometimes and find one’s account.

It is to discover the small recesses of his own person, never visited.

It’s sharing, laughing, marveling, getting rich internally. 

It’s letting go and trusting.

It is to agree to miss something, somewhere with your loved ones and feel away from them sometimes.

It’s opening up to differences, cultures, flavors, smells.

It is to accept to have a very small bubble a moment and to rejoice by finding a minimum of intimacy.

It is to learn to relax in its small inner cave.

It is to comfort oneself with simple pleasures, to get excited by discovering the smell of his freshly washed clothes!

It’s being carried away by the wind, according to your desires and feelings.

But it is above all, the best gift to offer to yourself, which is priceless and makes you forget all that you have invested by multiplying it with magical moments, unforgettable encounters, incredible discoveries, incalculable memories!



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    Très beau site! Ça donne envie de voyager et d’explorer l’Australie de fond en combe!
    Félicitations à vous deux!

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