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Our Mantra


Get out of your comfort zone. 

Live with a capital L.


Try new things. 

Feed your curiosity. 

Expand your horizons.

Open your mind.

Travel within yourself.

Discover this beautiful world.  



Destabilize yourself.


Allow & accept whatever is to be.

Let go of resistance.

Welcome & embrace obstacles.

Fall, get up and move forward. 

Trust. Evolve.

Enjoy your journey with all that it entails.


Manifest what you want to see, feel & experience.

Let go of what no longer serves you.


Flow with the movement of life.  

Make room for changes.

Modify. Adapt. Transform.

Take action.

Experience your vision.

Live your dreams but don’t dream your life.  

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Heel circumference

How to measure your heel circumference:

1- Stretch your foot forward

2- Measure the circumference from the heel over and around the top of the foot with a soft measuring tape.