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Yoga: The union between the body & mind

Whilst the physical aspect of Yoga (asana) helps to improve strength & flexibility, this is only one limb of the practice.

Yoga is a journey evolving on & off the mat. “Living Yoga” empowers you and brightens up your awareness, allowing great life transformation to take place on a day-to-day basis. It provides you tools to increase self-awareness, deal with stress & anxiety, gain clarity, to delve deeper into your spirituality, to live a lighter & more meaningful life.


Caring and nurturing by nature, Van loves to connect with & help people to develop their full potential.

She loves to have a giggle and doesn’t take herself too seriously, but she will always have a considered approach, creating a soothing & warm environment, where your mind can unwind from the busyness of life.

Van teaches with an open heart, combining thoughtfully chosen music with breath & awareness guidance. Occasionally complimented with aromatherapy, her classes can suit any level and offer heaps of option to modify your practice.

Whether you are looking for slow & gentle flow, a restorative & soothing class, powerful & creative flow or even a mix of it all, Van has a great ability to adapt and is mindful of meeting the needs of everyone she works with.

She has over 10 years of experience as a Youth & Family Worker & Counsellor which guides her mindful and thoughtful approach to life, self-development & teaching. Since then, she has completed 330 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Pregnancy and Yin Yoga. Van remains a forever student, using inner & outer life challenges to expand as a human being & a teacher.

She completed her Level 1 in Reiki & looks forward to expanding her learning further within this branch.

Yoga is an opportunity to explore, create and challenge yourself, to expand, to play, to rest & reset.

Soften to strengthen… When we allow whatever is to be, let go of resistance and accept to co-exist with discomfort, we slowly create greater space, more flexibility and strength to navigate smoothly & peacefully through storms and sun and enjoy better, the simplest little pleasure in life.

Yoga offering

Corporate Yoga Classes

Workplace Yoga offers a long list of benefits to the business, its shareholders and its #1 commodity, its people. Staff benefit from such things as improved fitness & wellbeing, reduced stress and better inter-company relationships while the Company benefits from better productivity, staff retention and overall enhanced customer service. Improving your workplace morale and well-being can only have positive outcomes for everyone associated with your business. We tailor classes to ensure everyone on your team can participate, feel welcome and benefit from the experience. Make an enquiry today to become a modern workplace!

Yoga Studio

If you are looking to add to your team, either for regular classes or cover positions, would love to hear from you! (You might want to check out our “Market and Travel” section on the contact page to find out if we are available within your area)

Yoga for teens - High School

Van has an extensive background of over 10 years as a youth & family worker and counsellor, working for the Child Protection Services and other organisations. She helped a great amount of teenage to progress through some of their most challenging times. Adding yoga and mindfulness to her toolbox is the expansion and continuation of her mission to positively impact the world and connect with people. She is enthusiastic to continue her work helping teenagers by engaging with high schools and coordinating yoga, mindfulness & wellness related programs. Whether at school or after school, get in touch if you would like to discuss any projects.

Let's connect!

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Heel circumference

How to measure your heel circumference:

1- Stretch your foot forward

2- Measure the circumference from the heel over and around the top of the foot with a soft measuring tape.